Understanding the new ecodesign measures

key summary
  • Revised Ecodesign Measures: On April 23rd, the European Parliament voted to adopt new measures to improve the longevity, repairability, upgradeability, and recyclability of products sold in the EU.
  • Scope Expansion: The measures extend to a wide range of product categories, including construction materials like iron, steel, aluminium, as well as textiles, furniture, and tyres, promoting a circular economy across diverse sectors.
  • Digital Product Passports: A key component of the revised measures is the introduction of Digital Product Passports.
  • Impact on Construction Industry: The revised measures align with the forthcoming Construction Products Regulation (CPR), which will standardize product-specific and digital declarations, enhancing sustainability and transparency in construction.

On April 23rd, the European Parliament voted with a great majority for new Ecodesign measures to make products sold in the EU last longer and make them easier to repair, upgrade and recycle.

The revised Ecodesign rules, proposed by the Commission in March 2022, establish a general framework for setting sustainability requirements. They are part of a circular economy package and will apply to almost all products on the internal market, and also influence manufacturers in the construction industry.

The new Ecodesign Measures also affects the construction industry, and will with the request of Digital Product Oassports likely strengthen the demand for Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)

Expanding the Scope to Construction Materials

The newly approved Ecodesign Measures have cast a wide net, extending their reach to encompass diverse product categories, including iron, steel, aluminium, textiles, furniture, and tyres. With a focus on stringent sustainability requirements, the legislation aims to foster durability, reparability, upgradability, and recyclability within these sectors.

Advancing Digitalization and Transparency with Product Passports

Central to the Ecodesign Measures is the emphasis on Digital “Product Passports”, which are digital documents that provide comprehensive information about a product's environmental impact, lifespan, and repairability. Empowering consumers with transparent data, these passports facilitate informed decision-making, promoting the purchasing of more sustainable products. Additionally, the legislation incentivizes manufacturers to prioritize product longevity and repairability, signalling a pivotal shift towards a more circular economy model.

Anticipating Change: Positioning for the Evolving EU Market

The upcoming implementation of the revised Construction Products Regulation (CPR) signifies a pivotal moment for the construction industry. This regulation is poised to usher in a new era where product-specific and digital declarations become standard practice, synergizing with the new ecodesign measures. At Emidat, we assist manufacturers conforming to new regulations by providing an efficient way to manage climate data, through our automated LCA and EPD tool. It is expected to be a topic of increasing importance also outside the EU as regions worldwide are also embracing sustainable consumption and production patterns, paving the way for a more environmentally conscious future. In this landscape, companies embracing eco-friendly and transparent practices not only contribute to sustainability but also position themselves to thrive in an increasingly conscientious market.

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