Building a future within planetary boundaries

As humans, we’ve built buildings that are fundamental for our modern life.

It’s where we
go to school, where we innovate, Dine with our community,

what we call our homes.

Buildings inspire and shelter us.

GLobal footprint



Building materials are responsible for
approximately 11% of all global greenhouse
gas emissions
. For context, flights are 2.5% of global emissions.

building mass


building mass of New York City built every month around the world. You read it right: Every month.

energy hungry



The cement sector constitutes 7% of industrial global energy use, making it the third-largest industrial energy consumer.

future footprint



of the building infrastructure that will exist in 2050 has yet to be built. We can change the trajectory today.

CO₂ reduction


100 million tons CO2 we're aiming to reduce yearly by 2030

             this is our call to action. 

OUR timeS Require us to re-think
how we build.


We help the
construction industry 
understand their environmental impact.
and support them in
reducing it.

The Builders
That make it happen

Lisa Oberaigner

Co-Founder, Business

Florian Fesch

Co-Founder, Tech & Product

Jona Roßmann

Lifecycle Assessment & Customer Success

Tom Böhnel

Software Engineering

Andrei Bardziukou

Software Engineering

Khadija Benis

Lifecycle Assessment

Elias Atahi

Product & Brand Advisory

The People

that support us

Alexander Schwörer

Owner @Peri Group

Jonson Berman

Venture Capital @Suffolk Technologies

Friedrich Neumann

Serial Entrepreneur & Urban Impact Investor

Paul Curcio

Environmental Design @UC Berkeley

Lisa Gradow

Founder & CEO of Fides,
prev. Founder & CPO Usercentrics.

Markus Linder

Founder & CEO at inoqo,
prev. Founder & CEO at zoovu

Theresa Hauck

Founder at econos,
Ex-BCG, United Nations

Nino Ulsamer

Co-Founder & CTO StashAway, prev. Founder Personio

Vera Baker

Atomico Angel & Venture Capitalist focused on climate

Anke Huiskes

Managing Partner at np-hard,
Invested in Vaayu & Terraform

David Bellem

Founder & CTO of Payworks,Exited to Visa

Joe Cross

ex-Wise, Growth-focused Angel Investor

Our Guiding



The first and foremost driver for any of our actions should be the degree to which it achieves a positive impact on the environment of our planet.
We are taking an active stance and address the status quo by building Emidat with the purpose to create lasting positive change.

Bias to


We understand that only action drives true change. Instead of discussing, complaining or resigning we roll up our sleeves and tackle problems by exploratively innovating and building a compelling future.

Plan & Persevere

When tackling problems, we couple the commitment to meticulously thinking them through with the resilience to follow through until true success is achieved.We merge careful planning with unwavering dedication, ensuring excellence in execution and outcome.


We embrace the fact that fixing the pressing environmental issues of our times requires unity and collaboration. We prioritize joint success with our coworkers or industry partners over thriving individually.


Resolutely prioritizing transparency & clarity when operating in a complex and traditionally opaque landscape will enable us to effectively drive change.


Join us